(Originally posted January 14, 2013)


I’ve been in a slump since Christmas ended. I had such a ridiculously busy past year (deciding to move, finding a house within a tiny time frame, and getting into our house all around the same time as 4 family birthdays, a new school term, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, chickenpox, flu, croup, Christmas, coughs & colds, New Years, etc.). One thing I’ve noticed about myself lately is that I’ve never been able to maintain a healthy balance between my present day activities/ responsibilities and the goals I obsess about accomplishing in my future. It’s ridiculous, but true. So there’s been many times in the past few months that I hardly know how to clear my mind and write. Instead I sit there and think about everything else I have been needing to accomplish and daydream about everything I wish I could have already achieved. I’ve come to a conclusion that if I want to spend my time more wisely and actually achieve some of the goals I have for this year, then I need to implement even more structure and discipline into my life. I’ve got a lot going on in my personal life which is teaching me to organize, plan, and use my time more wisely. How do you find balance and enable yourself to accomplish all of the things you want and like to do? Do you have any goals or resolutions (no matter how small or astronomical they may be) that you plan on achieving this year? Do you break down your goals weekly, monthly, or quarterly?

I will be redesigning this blog this week, along with trying my best to accomplish a lot more in the researching and writing aspects. There will be a ton of great things happening on this blog and in my life this year. I hope that you’ll follow along, not only to help me feel more accountable in achieving these things, but also so that you can rejoice with me in my successes. Not gonna lie, I also need lots of encouragement. I’m still trying to believe in myself and hoping that my dream is worth reaching and will some day be of some value not only to myself but to others as well.

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