In Light of Recent Events

In Light of Recent Events: The Sandy Hook Tragedy
(Originally posted December 15, 2012)

There’s really not much to say right now. I could drone on and on about the boring, inconsequential events of my life if I wanted to, but it wouldn’t be right.

Yesterday made history in this country for a terrible reason… a positively nauseating and horrifically heart breaking reason. Many innocent lives were taken yesterday at an elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT. It has been breaking my heart all morning yesterday and today. Having children the same age as some of the victims were, my motherly heart has mourned for those affected, and yearned for closeness of my babies even more than I already always do. I can’t comprehend the heartbreaking, agonizing pain so many people are feeling after losing their loved ones in such a terrible way.

Many haven’t even let the dust settle after this disaster before pushing their personal or political agendas again. To me, that is morally wrong in so many ways. I feel like the human condition has degraded so much especially in regard to moral character over the past couple decades. Having been raised with a firm footing in good, old fashioned values based off of respect and spirituality, it disappoints me so deeply.

I’m feeling a little bit embittered. It’s amazing how people look at devastation and tragedies as an opportunity to preach, preach, preach. They act as if they have all the answers and go on and on about so many versions of “see, this is why…” or “I told you so…” nonsense. They act as if they care, but all they do is push their own agendas while satisfying their own narcissistic opinions under the guise of sympathy and empathy. Has anyone noticed that it is only after horrible things happen that people draw closer together? But it is ever only temporary, just until the worldliness of their characters sets back in and they’ve moved on. Maybe if people tried a little more to LIVE HUMBLY (not just feign humility when occasion suits it) and to draw closer together before bad things happen, we could all find a little more true peace and strength and it just might someday prevent a few of these awful events.

I keep thinking about those beautiful, perfect children and the magnificent lives they got to lead before Heavenly Father called them home. I ponder the plans He has in store for the future. Living in these very dark, uncertain times, the one thing I know for certain is that God is here and always in control. We may not always have the answers to why horrible things have to happen, but we can always have certainty in his love for his children. I know he has a plan for those sweet angels and their dear families, just like he does for each and every one of us. May we all find peace from the Comforter in these troubled times as in all times. It is through faith that we find strength to get through these days. May we all endeavor to preserve the good that still does exist in this world and guard our loved ones and little ones for their futures.

I wish we could forget about pushing our agendas and draw closer together the way we are meant to as families, friends, communities, and even as a country. Maybe as a result it would cause a natural chain reaction in enabling some of these concerns or agendas to get fixed on their own.

I don’t want to come off as self righteous or preachy by any means. These are just my sincere feelings. You don’t have to feel the same as me about religion or politics or life, but for heaven’s sake please believe in something good, that is worth believing and hold up a standard for it, because if we don’t, then what good are we in preventing these tragedies from happening in the future?