It’s the Final Countdown…

It’s just a matter of days until I go radioactive. My doctor said I don’t need to do LID (low iodine diet) before I go in, but I am going to for at least 3 days anyway (hope it helps at this point). The following week I am told to do LID.

Monday is my last “normal” day of nothing.
Tuesday- thyrogen shot
Wednesday- thyrogen shot and labs
Thursday- RAI & isolation
(I admit, I have been looking at it like a radioactive staycation. I am so looking forward to the solitude. Health permitting, I plan to sleep, pamper myself, and write in my book a ton!)
Friday- isolation
Saturday- isolation & homecoming
Sunday- Wednesday- home isolation
Thursday- Whole body scan
Friday- who knows…?

I’m so ready. There’s so few hurdles left.


Cancer can kiss my —. 😉

4 thoughts on “It’s the Final Countdown…

  1. Love it, great to approach it with humour, have a funny Simpsons picture to send to my kids while I’m in hospital. Had my first injection today … It hurts a little, and made my bum/hip/groin achy. I will try to post Wednesday night, my first night x

  2. I hope you are able to– I love reading your blog. I wish you the best and will pray for you. Thanks for the heads up on the shot causing soreness.

  3. Would you believe that I found it on Google? I thought it was too funny not to use for this post.
    When you’re bored, just Google “[name] meme” and click on the images. Some of the funniest things will pop up.