About Me

I am a third or fourth generation native born and raised in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. I have always had a secret adoration and obsession for the written word. As a child I used to create small children’s books for my sister and myself. (Titles of these nearly forgotten childhood stories included “Cricket Creek” and “Hum Bug.”)

In school I was often caught and scolded for day dreaming instead of following along with my teachers’ lectures. (Trust me, my daydreams were much more interesting.) Once, I received encouragement from one teacher in particular (Toni Elliot) to take my flair for writing and run with it. However, as a somewhat goofy (possibly ADD) child, at the time I thought that the “flair for writing” which my teacher had mentioned meant nice penmanship. Consequently, I’ve always enjoyed maintaining elegant penmanship as well.

The writing bug went dormant for many years as I spent the majority of my youth singing for gigs and competitions with the high school elite choir. I attended college at Brigham Young University- Idaho, and then served a mission for my church. This is where the desire to write came back to me and I started making occasional notes to put into my first book when the time would be right.

Marriage and family life has slowed me down a bit and sometimes forced me to redefine my writing goals, but finding balance while writing becomes more attainable each day as I dig deeper and deeper into my writing. Currently I have multiple works in differing stages of the writing process, but plan to get my first book completed and on to the next step by the end of 2013.

Although I’ve lived in and visited many other places, I still have a connection to the desert where I grew up, with a fondness for the warm sunshine, rugged beauty, and the mystery which it holds. I presently live in a small town just outside of Las Vegas with my handsome sweetheart, adorable children, fat cats, an Australian dingo, and a pet puffer fish. I have an insatiable love (obsession) for Halloween and edgy or playfully spooky things.

I am a writer, an artist, a domestic goddess, and sassy lassie. I am far from perfect, but I am a constant work in progress. I appreciate the beauty, magic, and whimsy that life has to offer, and I seek for those things.

I’m always fond of a friendly chat or a playful banter, so feel free to comment on my blog or follow me on twitter.

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