About Heather

Heather is a 4th generation Las Vegas, Nevada native.  Although she has lived in and traveled to many other places, she still has a connection to the desert where she grew up, with a fondness for the warm sunshine, rugged beauty, and the mystery which it holds.  Her perfect world consists of her handsome sweetheart, adorable children, fat cats and dogs, and their pet puffer fish.  She is a wife and mother, homemaker, DIY crafter, avid baker, and cancer survivor.  Through her experiences she has learned that, “life is short, so spend it doing the things you love.”

Some of her earliest memories consist of time spent in the kitchen with her mother, from whom she learned the fundamental rules and many valuable life skills.  She comes from a long line of home bakers, and both of her grandmothers were well known for their baking prowess.  While one grandmother used to make stunning multi-tiered wedding cakes, the other was well known for her award-winning pies.  The best lessons that all these women have taught is the humble pride and reward of being self-sufficient in as many ways possible.

We can all feel like modern domestic goddesses in our own rights.