Weekend Ruminations

I used to follow a blog a long time ago whose writer would occasionally offer up a dose of “Friday Flotsam.” Along a similar tone, the Bon Appetit editorial staff emails occasionally send a catch-all summary of their happenings behind the scenes in their own world. They can be pretty amusing sometimes, so I occasionally break through my 30 second attention span to scan through an entire email. The best part of both of these offerings is that they are an effective tool to remind people to stay human. It doesn’t matter how many hats you wear or balls you’re juggling in the air, you’ve sometimes got to stop and smell the roses.

I promise I will never use that many clichés in one sentence ever again. I will also make a goal to never use that many clichés in a single blog post ever again.

I recently made a batch of delicious macarons that I’ve been dreaming about ever since. It might be on my to do list very soon, as they make wonderful gifts, dont they? Valentines Day is hard on our heels! Does anyone have plans they are looking forward to? This weekend I have an order for 5 dozen heart shaped sugar cookies and accompanying bags of icing. I love that! It gave me the excuse to pick up a new set of cookie cutters. Have you noticed the common trend this year that many of the stores have less than pleasing shaped cutters this season? I was telling my husband that I needed to make a trip to a specific store to purchase a set I previously found online because every set of heart cookie cutters I have seen elsewhere looks like an upside down saggy bottom. He laughed when I emphasized that the heart needed to have pronounced angles or else it would look bad once the cookies bake.

I must confess, this makes me feel like I need to increase my exercise routine even more. I dont want my assets to look like a cheap cookie cutter shape, do I? How is everyone doing on their new year’s resolutions? I have a friend who is down nearly 25 pounds, and I’m over here cutting out all caloric happiness and tripling my exercise, and all the scale says is that I have gained more rather than lost some.

The irony of typing this commentary is that a woman just knocked on my door to deliver food that someone had ordered. She had the wrong door, but I can’t help but wish it Was a delivery for me from my favorite Pho restaurant. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that there should always be room for pho. This absolutely feels true to me.

Happy Friday, everyone. My goals for the weekend are thawing my hands and feet (I’ve been cold almost all week), making a comforting pot of soup for the family, and possibly filling my car with a load of donations. I’m living the dream, folks. That, and I really just need to slow down once in a while for my mental health. Lazy, quiet weekends are my favorite antidote to a long, stressful week. These wont last much longer, since my son will be back in soccer season soon.

Have a great weekend!